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    medical education and

    research Fuculty of Medicine,

    University of Tsukuba

  • School of Medicine and Health Sciences helps the students acquire the ability and means to solve problems by themselves through comprehensive education programs.

  • A cutting-edge research center fostering next generation leader of medical science, practice, and industry

  • From proton to human population ---
    Faculty of Medicene pursues cuttting-edge medical science and clinical practice with a global perspective



Educational Programs・研究会・動画

  • International training program for co-operative experts in Clinical Oncology

  • Radiation Health Risk Science Medical Staff Education Program (RaMSEP)

  • Basic research doctor training program that guarantees pathologist qualification

  • Tsukuba Brain Science Association(TBSA)

  • Tsukuba Society for Molecular Medicine(TSMM)

  • Video~medical seminars, etc
    (some contents restricted to UT staff and students)

  • Distance education at the university hospital (password required)

  • Research Studio Platform

  • Graduate Programs in Medicine and Medical Sciences

University of Tsukuba Site

  • University of Tsukuba

  • Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences

  • TRIOS (UT Researchers’ database)

  • Community of Tsukuba Researchers (COTRE)

  • University of Tsukuba Press